Adult komodo dragons are cannibals (eat their own species) and 10% of their diet is made of newly hatched Komodo dragons. Most of the komodo dragons have the ability to eat 80 percent of their body weight for every meal. ... Dragons, Lizards, and Salamanders for Kids. Komodo dragons are the worlds largest lizard, with males growing up to 3 metres long and sometimes reaching over 100kg! Other Fun and Cool Facts about Komodo Dragons. ... What Do Sharks Eat? Komodo dragons also eat water buffalo and wild pigs, both of which were introduced by man, as well as snakes and fish that wash up on the shore. Komodo dragons are also known as Varanus Komodoensis, komodo monitor, the komodo island monitor,blawak rakasa (this means giant monitor) or ora buaya darat (this means land crocodile) Komodo dragons are large lizards. Komodo dragons love eating meat. The name and appearance of the Komodo dragon is straight out of legend. Komodo dragons may be very different from the dragons in fairytales, but they do enjoy the distinction of being the worlds largest lizards. ... Komodo Dragons, Lizards, and Salamanders for Kids. ... or maiming a leg. Read Komodo Dragons, Lizards, and Salamanders for Kids by ... Komodo Dragons Senses What do Komodo Dragons Eat? Komodo Dragons eat almost any kind of meat. On Rinca and Komodo islands, pigs have become common in some areas and are now competitors for food with the big lizards. In this lesson, you will learn about Komodo dragons, what they look like, where they live and what they eat. Of course, kids can explore and encounter komodo dragons in ... Komodo dragons will eat almost anything that they ... Thats what a komodo dragon tends to do. Komodo Dragon Behaviour. Komodo National Park was made to help protect Komodo dragons. In Indonesia Komodo dragons have been breeding in captivity since 1965. ... Komodo dragons are able to eat up to 80% of their body weight in a single sitting. 3. A komodo dragon can eat a whopping 80 percent of its body weight in a single feeding. 3. The Komodo Dragon Home The Komodo Dragons Senses What do Komodo Dragons Eat? Komodo dragons are of course carnivorous, but little know that they are also cannibalistic. Play and learn about Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons may eat ... 1 Singaporean, and 2 Australian institutions that keep Komodo dragons. The Komodo dragon has ... Komodo dragons do not chew their food. Other than carrion, Komodo dragons eat a lot of live food also. They belong to the family of the oldest living lizards, known as monitors and are closely related to an ancient 33 feet long reptile, called the mosasaur that lived about 100 million years ago. ... do not survive. The big lizards arent picky about which body parts they eat. Since then, breeding efforts have gone like gangbusters. The Komodo Dragon can be found on the Indonesian Islands of Komodo, Rintja, Padar, Flores, Gili, Mota and Owadi Sami. They eat Invertebrates (other reptiles, even small Komodo Dragons, or sometimes their own children). Komodo Dragons For Kids ... Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers - Kindle edition by John ... 6.The Komodo Dragons Senses. They inhabit lowland areas, and mainly open grasslands, although hatchlings will usually inhabit more forested areas and are primarily arboreal. If you want to learn more facts about Komodo dragons, read the lesson called Komodo Dragon Lesson for Kids. Komodo dragons can eat up ... 1 Singaporean, and 2 Australian institutions that keep Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons do not breathe fire like the dragons in story books. Easy Science for Kids Komodo Dragons - The Largest Reptiles on Earth - learn fun facts about animals, the human body, our planet and much more.